Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dirty Diapers

So yesterday Allie had a stinky diaper. Which meant I was about to have to wrestle her just to change it! :D So I got everything together. Got the diaper ready, the wipes out and ready. Undressed her, held her down and finally I cleaned her up. Let go for a brief second and looked up to see her turned around with her naked tush bouncing up and down to the music on the T.V. The funnest thing I've ever seen! LOL I wish I had had the video camera near me for everyone to see. I at least got some pics! hehe

Monday, November 2, 2009

Starting A Blog!

So, I had to start a blog for our family. One: because Tim is gone right now and I'm bored! LOL yeah right! ;) Two: Allie is doing so much right now! I cannot believe how fast she is growing these days. And Third: We do so much as a family I have to start documenting these things before I forget about everything when I'm old! hehe...plus I believe in having a journal, but terrible at keeping up with them! So I figured this should count in some way...right??!!