Monday, November 8, 2010

How did I live with out her before?

This girl makes everyday *a-mazing*...I'm still, to this day. 23 months later. confused as to why she chose me to be her mom...?
Allie, I can't believe you're almost TWO! You're already so big, how can you get any bigger?

You are so brilliant. You've already learned "NO". It's been a joy. :-)
(can you hear the sarcasm)
Truthfully, behind your back. I think it's the cutest thing in the whole world. But, I will never admit it to your face.
(Unless, you catch me laughing at you one day. I know it will happen and that's when we'll be screwed!)
I love how much you love to read, sing and dance. Your fashion choices are just to die for.
And your love for animals is so awe-inspiring. You're kind...(unless someone has one of your toys. lol) Coloring with you is one of my favorite part of the days. Snuggles with you are so yummy. Amazed that others tell me how good you are in your Nursery class.
(You must get that from your Dad)Thank you for being so Silly and making me Laugh every day.
(Who knew dog kennels, mom's shoes and onion rings were so much fun?)
Thank you for somehow understanding mommy didn't feel good this week and being do they do that? Creep into your heart and do the sweetest things sometimes?
I know I'm WAY bias here but, I have the greatest 2 year old!

I wish I could be like her sometimes...but, I think I'm good with the whole throwing myself on the floor in public and having a melt down...even though sometimes it's very tempting. ;-)

YAY, for having an okay day and not feeling to bad. Hoping for positive vibes and that everything starts to get better!!?!!

Hug your babies today...*LOTS*!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cowboy Crayons for SALE! :-)

SOoo, despite all of the headaches I've had these days (...literally), surprisingly I've been able to do a little work today.
I'm really excited for Christmas and have all ready decided to start working on gifts for everyone.

(All which will be hand made this year...yippie for me ;-) lol

Anywho, I had once shown off these adorable Cowboy Crayons that we put together for our Super Saturday my church does every year.I've been working on putting sets together to sell at a Bazaar this up-coming December and have some time to sell extra's.

If anyone was/is interested, you are in luck! I am now also selling them. On my Etsy site. :( Poor Etsy Shop. I've neglected it so...
So here's the Run-down on them:
- $10 for a set of 8 (In the pictures above there are only 7 but, there will be 8.)
-$3 for shipping
-Payments with PayPal
- They are Crayola crayons
- Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black, Brown, Blue and Purple
-And please, keep in mind that every set can vary a little since all of them are handmade!
(Fabric and Ribbon will be the same. Star will look the same, paper might be a different color.)
Any further questions, just ask!

Aren't they SO cute?
Umm, *Yeah*!
And little ones LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Happy Christmas shopping! :-)


Link to Etsy Shop where you can buy them!
Spoiled Rotten Designs...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was really fun for us this year.
Well besides the terrible two's part of it all.
All of the melt downs added that special touch to our memories! ;-)

Allie LOVED being "Blue" from Blue's Clue's! She continues to wear her costume daily. With her ears and mittens on. While she watches Blue's Clue's. What joy. ;-) HA!
Unfortunately, these are the only pictures (I'm serious, the ONLY)
she would let me take of her in it.

(On our way to the Trunk or Treat we do at our church every year)
Tim thinks she just looked like a:
"Blue Woolie Polka- Dotted Sheep with bug antennas. lol
People got it though, and of course she loved being called "Blue"!(Back, I forgot to add the tail!) :(
Notice I had to put her on our table so I could get some decent pictures.
Oh, the toddler "Blurs" stage! ;-)

OH man, was I surprised she kept these on. I was originally going to order a Blue's Clue's costume but, knew she would not keep the hoodie part of it on. So long story short. The head band ears worked! :-)
(Feet "Paws")
Had to make her mittens with Blue's Pa
w print on them:

(These by the way, are now covered in Chocolate! lol)

And of course, we couldn't forget about her Handy Dandy Notebook! :-)
(Thanks Regan for your help!)

Tim had lots of fun handy out candy while Allie sat and ate her candy
And this picture pretty much sums up our Halloween! haha

(Enjoying the moment mom, Terrible Two's little girl, and a multi-tasking dad)

Happy Halloween!