Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Korker Bows makes the Day better!

YIKES!!! I have one crabby little girl today.
Ya-know, the little girl who screams "NOOOO" at you while you're walking threw Costco. With huge crocodile tears running down her face, throwing herself back and forth all because you wouldn't let her bring her balloon in with her. The little girl who starts running threw the State Supply store and will absolutely not stay with you so that you can just pick out some dang Shampoo to wash your hair...Wait? Wash? Hmm?? (HAHA Kidding)
Thankfully, she made it out alive. ;-) But, I held off on getting some shampoo...the 3 other sets of shampoo and conditioner will work for now. Yeah, I'm a shampoo & conditioner addict. Especially now. Showers are like: heaven these days.
They're warm, quite, clean, refreshing and Oh so very nice!
Anywho, I thought I'd take some time to clear my mind and blog a little. About a little girl. Who even though is having a rough day. I mean come on. Who doesn't? I do like at least once a week! (Maybe even more than that!)
Well, I wanted to share with everyone these cute Korker Bows I made last week for my little girl. Stinkin' CUTE!
I was really impressed with myself! Especially that it actually worked. So here's what I did:

1. Grabbed some Dowels I had stashed away in my craft closet.
(I had just bought these in Dec. for Allie's b-day and never got around to doing anything with them)
They have all sorts of sizes of Dowels. The smaller Dowel you buy the tighter and curlier your ribbon will be.

2. Then you take your Ribbon and wrap it around the Dowel. You have to make sure you make it nice and tight and that it doesn't over lap each other. Or once you un-wrap the ribbon it will kinda be funky. (see pic below)
(You'll figure this out fast once you start doing them)
A helpful *hint* is to take pins or clips to help you hold the ends of the ribbon in place. I didn't have any when I did this. So, I just tied the ends. But, I wished the whole time I had clips! lol

3. Pre-Heat your Oven to 200 Degree's. Then take your ribbon wrapped around the Dowels and run them under the faucet and get them wet. Put them on a cookie sheet. And then bake them for about 10-12ish minutes. You'll need to watch them to make sure the ribbon isn't burning. Take out of the oven and let completely cool.
(I wrap mine at night while I'm watching TV and bake it right before bed. Then let it sit over night still wrapped in the dowels for the next morning.)

4. Un-wrap your ribbon and stare in "awe". :-)

(Notice the top ribbon? That's what I was talking in step 2.)

5. Cut ribbon about 3 inches.

6. Put Korker Bow together. There are SO many ways to put together your bows. But for me, the easiest way was to lay them in my hand how I wanted them to go. And then in my other hand pinch them all together in the center.

Then take thread and tie them all together with a double knot. I forgot to take a picture of this. But If your little girl is hard on her bows like mine is. I would then take a needle and thread them all together threw the center.

Take hair clips. Helpful *hint*: Go to Sally's and buy the metal hair clips there! You can get a TON for cheap there!

You can either leave them metal or cover them in cute matching ribbon.
I like covering mine in ribbon but, sometimes finer hair doesn't work very well with the ribbon and hold the bow in the hair...
Hot Glue the clip on and

Love love love
Here's the other one I made. The butterfly makes it so adorable!

Here they are together:

Super Cute and Super Easy!
And Yes. Since then. I've boughten to much ribbon so that I can make more of these for Allie! ;-)

I love my Allie. Even on HaRd Days! After all. She did pick me to be her mom...such a big responsibility!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Glitter Playdough

Whew. Look at me go! ;-) I'm a posting fool! haha Well, I have lots of posts to catch up on!

Stupid Neuralgia! :-(

I'm really not used to being sick...having to take medicine at certain times a day. Every day. Feeling tired...all of the time. Having family call and see how you're doing and then having to sorta fib to them and tell them you're fine. Mostly I am. It's just frustrating when you're sick every day. When you really don't want to be. So lying and telling them you're fine seems easier. It helps keep the frustration and constant reminder that you really aren't fine. And gives you hope that maybe if you tell yourself over and over again that you are fine, one day you really will be fine. Who knows? Maybe one day that will happen. But, for now I'll keep hoping! ;-) I have a new Endodontist who's really amazing and has lots of hope for me. I've been holding onto that for dear life. Everyday I remind myself I've got him on my side. Lot's of people on my side. Amazing friends and family.

ANYWHO, onto the fun stuff! I made Glitter Play Dough...like a month ago. lol. For Allie's Birthday Party. Very cute. And very simple and cheap! Glitter play dough is a great gift (you can even attach cute cookie cutters to it for them) and little ones love it. Even though most moms cringe when they think of play dough. It's still fun every once and awhile.
So, I thought I'd share how it's done.

Here's what ya need:
4 Cups All Purpose Flour
2 Cups Non-Iodized Salt
4 Cups Water
8 Tsp Cream of Tartat
4 Tsp Cooking Oil
Food Coloring
Craft GlitterWhoops! Forgot to include the oil I used....
This recipe makes A TON of play dough...We still have lots left over...and it's still good! I can't believe it! ;-)
Next, you'll want to mix the food coloring into the water first. This helps you get the right color for your dough before you start cooking it. Stir that and then add everything else except the glitter.

Cook on med to low heat, continually stirring until done. Careful not to burn. You have to be patient as it's cooking..here's pictures of the process as mine cooked:

It will be super hott when it's done. Dump on the counter and let sit for minute.
Next, take your glitter...

And knead as much glitter into it til' it's as sparkly as you desire! ;-)

It was hard to take a picture of how cute and sparkly it was. But it turned out SO adorable!

I ended up making Pink and Yellow for her party. And then wrapped them in sandwich bags with ribbon. I made cute little hair bows for the girls hair too...very cute, simple, cheap party favor! ;-)

What else can I add glitter too?


Guest Bathroom

So, they other day Tim was giving Allie a bath and I walk in to see what they're laughing about. He stands up, turns around and says:
"Ya-know what babe? We really need to spice up this bathroom!"

I think I went into shock at that point because I don't remember to much after that! haha
I'm mean seriously...this bathroom is in need of some serious help!...way to boring and WHITE for me! ;-)

We have added a cabinet over the toilet for medicines and Allie's hair junk but besides that, nothin'!

Tim never gets into decorating. (I don't blame him...) And I think he regrets those words coming out of his mouth because ever since then I've been taking him serious and getting going on it!
So, okay I'm in need of some help!!
I've decided I want to go with a blue wall color. But, I always second guess myself. I hate that about me. Always trying to pick the "prefect color" sucks! haha
I've tried really hard to take the pictures as best as I can so you can see the colors but they're a little bit different than on the walls than here in the pics...but, hopefully you'll be able to get the idea!?

So the color painted on the wall is Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore. My favorite paint ever! I really love this color. I bought the sample paint so I can see it and I still really like but, there are other colors that are appealing to me too.

From right to left the colors are:
1. True Blue
2. Blue Mound...very similar to the Buxton Blue
3. Serene Sky...a little lighter but, I think it's nice and fresh
4. Venice Beach...more of a teal color

Here's some more pics to help you see the colors...

Anywho, watcha think?