Friday, January 22, 2010

Allie's Rag Quilt

Okay, so I never make anything for Allie. I guess everything's "inspired" because of her but I never sit down and actually make anything for her. Crazy, I know right! LOL : ) So the other day, I stopped at Hobby Lobby and came across this fabric and fell in love with it and thought it was so Allie. Anywho, So far I've made her her own cute rag quilt.

I love it and so does she. (I'm so thrilled that she is! hehe) It wasn't even that hard. And it only took me two days!
(with interruptions of a one year old and the daily grin of a stay at home mom.)

Here's Allie helping me take pictures of the blanket and roll around on it (with her left over pizza face from dinner) for me so it's perfect! ; )

I also cut out an "A" and stuck it on a corner for her name. Love it. To cute! : )

I used a cream Chenille as the backing. Super soft and snuggly. But I wouldn't recommend using it. Nor will I use it again probably. Since it kinda sheds. (LOL) It wasn't hard to sew, it was just everywhere while I was sewing it all together. And you normally cut the end of the fabric to make it look "raggy-like" but since it was everywhere already I just left it and called it good.

I also had plenty of scraps to put together her own diaper organizer. I hadn't made her one of the bags in my new design. So I thought with the left overs I would make her a matching one. And I love it. It's one of my favorites I've put together so far. (I love having a little much fun!)

I have more to come with this fabric. I'm currently working on a cute layered skirt. I've never made a skirt before so we'll see how goes it! hehe : )

Happy Friday!


P.S. Here's Rag Quilt Instructions if you wanna give it a try! It's lots of fun!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

HollyMarie Jewlery

Okay so I have to spread the word about these necklaces I found the other day. I had to run Allie into her pediatrician and was reading the monthly BabyTalk magazine. I saw this necklace and thought it was so beautiful! And I couldn't wait to get home to look it up online!

I quickly sent the link to my husband in hopes of sending him subtle hints for this years mothers day!! ;)

Aren't they just pretty?? I think so! :D

Check her site out! She is so very much talented!

Have a Fabulous weekend.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Adkins Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!
We hope your holidays are full of lots of love.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning together as a family. Allie of course was S-P-O-I-L-E-D! But we enjoyed spoiling her. hehe ;)

My parents Christmas tree that we used for the day. LOL

Tim and I the night before after we finished wrapping all the presents and setting them under the tree.

Me and my Absolutely Adorable Allie-bug early that morning.

Yes. Miracle Blades. My husband has wanted these for forever. Ever since we got married all I've heard about is Miracle Blades. So, after 3 years I gave in and got him his Miracle Blades...sadly, they are still in the box and are now in my parents attic for another 4 months before he gets to use them. LOL

Allie in her "I've been good all year" PJ's. I had to get them for her. And she looked so cute in them. Such a big girl. :D

Merry Christmas once again and a happy New Year!


So, we decided to go Christmas shopping for our Christmas Day the day before "Christmas". (Which we celebrated this year on Dec. 18th since Tim left on the 20th) Well, Allie and her daddy are so funny together. I'm really sad for her that Tim is not around right now but, we only have a few more months being separated before we start our new adventure together in Spokane, WA. Tim and her are so close it's not even funny. He can get her to do just about anything.

Example: The Power Shades. LOL

I can never, I mean never get her to keep anything on her head, face, feet, or hands. And then Tim comes in the room and she keeps it on for him. Oh well, I loved taking these pictures. She was to cute!

I heart them.

Our Allie-Bug is turning One!

My Allie-Bug turned One!!

Holy cow where did the time go right? Well, I was so happy for her. She got to have her daddy with her
on her 1st birthday. And the opportunity to be with her grandparents and uncles.

Her cute little birthday cake. I had another cake made but it was not worthy of a picture posted...yes, I was that disappointed in it... :(

She got a lot for her birthday...this one's from her Gam-ma. And of course the one she played with the most! LOL

North Carolina

Welcome to North Carolina!
As a family we LOVE to travel and see everything we possible can. Well this past summer I learned how to sew. For real this time. I had done a little sewing when I was little but never took it to seriously. Then once Tim left and I was a stay at home mommy with a lot of time on my hands...I gave it a try. And so now as we know it I love it and love even more making things for Allie and for babies. And now I sell my bags on Etsy. But before I sold them on Etsy, I went around selling them all over GA with my mom. Well, one vending event I showed up at and set up next to an elderly gentleman and his wife. His name was Reverend Paul Brown. A Vet who is now a changed his life and set out to help others in need. He loved photography and wood working. (I ended up buying one of his bowls, they were gorgeous! Can't believe I don't have a picture!! :( ) Anyways, long story short. He told me about a cabin in North Carolina he and his wife love to go to. Swan Cabin. The picture he had of it was absolutely beautiful. Well, I was so excited about everything he told me about it that I had to get reservations. Especially since Tim loves to go camping. So a few days after Tim got home. We set out on our adventure.
And oh boy was it one! ;)
Tim and Allie on the front porch of Swan Cabin...see our smoke coming out on top? I loved it.

Tim cooking me his Um, Yum, Oh boy, deliciously famous breakfast burritos. Unfortunately, I couldn't even taste them! I was sooo upset. Our nights rest was HORRIBLE! I had woken up the day before with a cold. Never go camping with a's just miserable. Anyways, besides how freezing it was, Tim's truck getting stuck, in the mud, on a hill, against a tree. It had been pretty rough. Thankfully, God must have heard us freaking out and sent "Coon" hunters to our rescue. I was pretty amused at who he sent to rescue us, but was thankful. Allie and I froze so this morning was a very cold, hungry, wet, and tiring morning. But we had good food right?? LOL

See the sickness, and a frozen baby?? LOL

North Carolina is so beautiful. Hopefully one day we'll get to come back again. :D

Unfortunately, because it was so cold and we all started to feel sick, we weren't able to stay for our two nights. :( Yup, we chickened out and went into town and stayed at a local inn. LOL Hey, all I have to say is I was finally warm again! And to get medicine and shower in warm water was the best extra $50 we spent to stay there! LOL
So after our warm nights rest we got up and decided to stop and shop our way home. There were so many cute road side stores. There are so many in the south. You find the coolest stuff. Well, we came to Tallulah Falls, GA. It was beautiful there. Well, honestly the falls isn't very big. But the area around it is gorgeous. And there was this ridiculously cute shop next to it. So we stopped and enjoyed it together. :D

Isn't the shop cute?

We even got us some "old-time" candy as Tim called it...LOL...Is was really cute and very rustic.

But even though is was freezing and we were sick we still had a fabulous time together as a family. It will be something we all never forget! If you're ever looking for a fun adventure with your family Swan Cabin is definitely a fun adventure! :D

I heart him.

I can't begin to express how happy I am now that Tim is home. It feels so right to have a husband again! hehe Plus the extra help is really nice! And he's super cute. I think I'll keep him around! :D

And now Allie is in her big girl car seat! AHHH!
When did I have a baby in a big girl car seat??
This growing up thing is happening toooo fast...
and I don't like it. But she is absolutely adorable in
it and i think she likes it a bit better! ;)

If you give a mouse a cookie...

I have so much to update about! Especially everything we did while Tim was home on his mid-tour! The first thing I have to share is "If you give a mouse a cookie" mouse. First of all our family LOVES that book! (I think my mom lives by it actually) and second, he's just cute. So I was soo excited when we were at Kohl's one morning and they had all of the books and the stuff animals that go with them! The were apart of the Kohl's for kids program...Well, we had to have one. And apparently so did Allie. She ran right over to the mouse picked him and carried him around with her for the rest of the day. It was really to cute! :D Still to this day she loves him. Norman is his idea why but, he's Norman. LOL