Saturday, July 10, 2010

She's One Busy Bee

We've been nice and busy this past week! We got to go down to the Tri-Cities area and spend some time with Tim's family. Tim spent the majority of his time out on the boat fishing with his uncle and I got to do card making with Regan while Allie hung out with Michaela and Jordan. Then the next day Tim did more fishing and Allie and I snuck off with Melissa. She even treated me to a pedicure while she took Allie out for lunch. Did I mention it was Tim and I's birthday's? And that we got to see Eclipse? Best movie out of all 3 of them. The acting was WAY better, the special effects were awesome and they actually looked "pretty" instead of really washed out "fake" vampires. I'm excited for Breaking Dawn. :-)

Anywho, even though we were only there for 2 1/2 days Allie was one Busy Bee! Here are some pictures from her adventures this week...

She Swam just about every chance she could...

She drove around like Big Girls do...

We had to say hello to the Moo Cows!!

Of course we picked flowers!! ;-)

We spent a morning picking Raspberries with Melissa and Oh man did she LOVE it! :-)

So yummy!

We soaked up some summer sun...

The kitty was missing it's twin girls who were off visiting there Dad. So Allie got to step in and let the kitty snuggle and play with her...she didn't mind! hehe ;-)

She could not stay away from the horses!

Thanks for looking! Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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