Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guest Bathroom Part 2: Mirror

So before I even get started on this post. Other blogs forgot to mention how hard this actually is. ;-) Well, for someone who's never put together a wooden frame, used liquid nails, and brad nails. It's more challenging than they let on! And it basically took me about 3 trial and errors before I finally got it down and figured out how to get it to work! Thankfully, I had most of the tools here at my house....I've just never used any of them. haha
But, I'm SO extremely proud of myself now! I don't even care if everyone doesn't like them. I'm just so glad I got it done! ;-)
But mostly, I Love Love Love the frames!
I've only gotten one completely finished (ran out of liquid nails due to so many trial and errors!). I was going to wait until I had both of them done. But, I was so excited to share with everyone.

When I got started, all I read on other blogs was they used the liquid nails to hold the frame together. So, in my head; I expected it to hold together as good as nails. I'm mean it's called "Liquid Nails" right!?! And if they did, they must have had a really good jar of Liquid Nails or they were extremely careful because my frame would not hold. Both, Tim and I couldn't even pick it up it before it would just fall apart. Very frustrating! :-/ So basically, I decided "Liquid Nails" is a joke. It's just glue. Not "nails" in anyway! lol
Thankfully, we have a Brad Nail gun "thing-a-ma-bob". This was another frustrating part. I sat and hand nailed one of the frames one little nail at a time. Then...Tim came home (of course after I sat for about 30 minutes cursing the man who invented brad nails) and was like
"Honey, what are you doing? We have the gun that goes with those nails!"

Me: Seriously?
Tim: Yeah, it's right here!
Me: ...

Yeah, it took me less than a minute to nail the second frame together.
It's funny now looking back. but, Oh man was I mad. haha
Okay, I'm done venting now. Here's the process:

1st. Picking your wood is important! And I'm so glad when I picked it out I went with someone! haha (Thanks Regan for teaching me this!!) But, the main thing you want to be careful of when picking out your wood is if it's bent or has knots or has really bad dints in the wood you do not want it. This wood is going to be eye level with everyone. So you want it to be really good wood. This is where I spent my money. On the wood! For two frames I spent about $40ish dollars. BUT, for two custom frames WAY worth the money!!
Now, this next part I got really lucky with. Family is awesome! (Especially when they have the tools you need!! hehe kidding!!) Again, Regan to the rescue had a pull down saw! So, I got my wood cut for free. Well, it took some work between Regan, her husband Mic and I...and some really good measurements. But, we got it done!
After you have it cut. You'll want to flip it over and paint the backs. You'll notice that when you hold up your frame against the mirror it will reflect back the brown wood. Looks kinda funky.
After backs are painted:
2nd. Using Liquid Nails. Well, I've already ranted and raved about the liquid nails. So yeah, the two main things you want to remember is One: you have to use it FAST. Once it's exposed it to the air it starts to set! Apply just enough to coat the inside of the corners. I would take a rag after you've applied it to the all 4 corners. And wipe the access off. Take a putty knife as well, and scrape out any extra that might have fallen into any cracks. (Stinks to have to sand out later) and Second: If you're glue gun does this and pushes out the liquid nails and it sits for awhile:
You do not want to use it! it's already starting to set and it's NO good!
This will just make things worse later! haha.Then, let the Liquid Nails sit for at least 30 minutes. While it's sitting you might have to get a little creative on how to keep the wood even. No matter what, you will have an un-even corner. There's no way around it. Trust me. This bothered me to no end. The perfectionist in me hated it. SO, I put my left over paint cans to good use and let everything sit for a good while and then used these guys:
I already told you my experience with these lovely fellas so let's just skip to the fun part k!?!
Now, this is the only part where the Liquid Nails worked the first time.WA-HOO! ;-)

3rd. Finishing Up! You're going to want to put a lot onto the back of your wood. I didn't take a picture because I was worried about it setting to fast and that it wouldn't hold. But, we finally got it up and taped our little hearts away.

Unfortunately, because I had applied the Liquid Nails so many times to the wood. I had huge gaps between in my corners...sad.

Thanks to my FAVORITE Spackling ever. It fixed my gaps! It was even a pinkish purple color that turns white when it's dry and then you sand and paint. Super easy!
Ahh, finally some luck! ;-)
Slap some up. Let it sit for a minute. I then, cleaned mine up a little with a wet rage so that I didn't have to much sanding later...
Tape for Painting...my favorite part...the easy part! haha
And **TA-DA**
member the corners? Here's what they look like in the end...
(I showed this picture because I was so impressed with the Spackling. This corner was huge! And I thought it was going to look really bad! ha)
I would say after everything I spend around $50 dollars. On *both* of the frames. NOT bad at all! But, I did have a lot of the supplies already...

Happy Home Improvement Day!


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