Friday, January 22, 2010

Allie's Rag Quilt

Okay, so I never make anything for Allie. I guess everything's "inspired" because of her but I never sit down and actually make anything for her. Crazy, I know right! LOL : ) So the other day, I stopped at Hobby Lobby and came across this fabric and fell in love with it and thought it was so Allie. Anywho, So far I've made her her own cute rag quilt.

I love it and so does she. (I'm so thrilled that she is! hehe) It wasn't even that hard. And it only took me two days!
(with interruptions of a one year old and the daily grin of a stay at home mom.)

Here's Allie helping me take pictures of the blanket and roll around on it (with her left over pizza face from dinner) for me so it's perfect! ; )

I also cut out an "A" and stuck it on a corner for her name. Love it. To cute! : )

I used a cream Chenille as the backing. Super soft and snuggly. But I wouldn't recommend using it. Nor will I use it again probably. Since it kinda sheds. (LOL) It wasn't hard to sew, it was just everywhere while I was sewing it all together. And you normally cut the end of the fabric to make it look "raggy-like" but since it was everywhere already I just left it and called it good.

I also had plenty of scraps to put together her own diaper organizer. I hadn't made her one of the bags in my new design. So I thought with the left overs I would make her a matching one. And I love it. It's one of my favorites I've put together so far. (I love having a little much fun!)

I have more to come with this fabric. I'm currently working on a cute layered skirt. I've never made a skirt before so we'll see how goes it! hehe : )

Happy Friday!


P.S. Here's Rag Quilt Instructions if you wanna give it a try! It's lots of fun!!


Molly said...

Very Cute. I will e-mail my friend's blog on some skirts she has made - they look so cute and I am sure you know enough to figure it out. Way to go!

Regan said...

Allie's quilt is adorable! I bet she is loving it...I like the cheneille backing! I wanted to make one with jean backing for picnics out side!

Courtney & Timothy Adkins said...

A jean backing would be great for that! The Cheneille was kinda messy. Probably won't use it again.