Monday, January 4, 2010

Adkins Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!
We hope your holidays are full of lots of love.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning together as a family. Allie of course was S-P-O-I-L-E-D! But we enjoyed spoiling her. hehe ;)

My parents Christmas tree that we used for the day. LOL

Tim and I the night before after we finished wrapping all the presents and setting them under the tree.

Me and my Absolutely Adorable Allie-bug early that morning.

Yes. Miracle Blades. My husband has wanted these for forever. Ever since we got married all I've heard about is Miracle Blades. So, after 3 years I gave in and got him his Miracle Blades...sadly, they are still in the box and are now in my parents attic for another 4 months before he gets to use them. LOL

Allie in her "I've been good all year" PJ's. I had to get them for her. And she looked so cute in them. Such a big girl. :D

Merry Christmas once again and a happy New Year!

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