Friday, June 25, 2010

Finger Puppet Fun

So I've been a little bored since we've been in Spokane. You'd think I'd be used to all the waiting! ;-) And since Allie now is VERY busy in church these days I've been trying to find an activity for her that would keep her entertained for a good portion of sacrament.
Well, I came across these finger puppet patterns on: I love love love her blog. Always something new to do and it's never really that hard. Anywho. I bought her patterns and I've been one busy bee since then.

I bought the patterns for $3.00 that included 18 puppets and a little over $3.00 on the felt. Way cheap! And I had to run out and buy a hot glue gun, glue, a marker, eyes and sissors since mine are all still in storage. :( But I think I spent about $10.00ish dollars for just aboput everything. And if I had waited until I had all of my stuff I probably would have only spent about $8.00 So, I'm finally all done with all 18 of them and i even came up with a Bee. He's really cute. Until you look at his mouth! LOL

The Elephant's my favorite. To cute!
And my top 5 Favorites are the Cow, Horse, Lion, Elephant, and the Frog.

And most importantly, Allie LOVES them! And man am I glad! Cutting all of those little tiny peices out sure was time consuming!! I was originally planning on making a couple of sets for some other toddlers that I know but after sitting down and making a set I've realized it's just tooo crazy to think I could make even another set! LOL

But it sure was a lot of fun. And I'm really happy with them! can't wait for my DIY Block Kit comes that I ordered from Etsy! :-)



Molly said...

They are so cute....maybe I should get the pattern. :)

Courtney Adkins said...

Molly, they were SO easy! I was surprised! The only thing that's hard is it is time consuming but it became really addicting and all i wanted to do! hehe Allie really loved it when I would finish one so that made me want to do another and another until they were done! :D