Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary

So this is a little late. I've been trying to put more effort into my blog. And actually sitting down and keeping all of my thought's Out-Side of my head instead of inside! LOL Tim and i were able to sneek off for our 3rd anniversary last week. And man it was SO worth it. Tim and I missed celebrating together this past year since he's been deployed and he'll probably be deployed for our next anniversary (tear) so we went all out this year! And, I'm so glad we did. It was such a great way for us to re-"connect" with eachother and get back on the same page. We checked into the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane and enjoyed the valet parking!! ;-) Let me tell you, such a beautiful hotel. I loved all of the character and sadly the only picture I got was a picture of the the old mail shoot. Very cool. I wanted to get a picture of the original box they sent the mail to...but, i forgot!

Then, we made it to our room. And my oh my was it nice! King size bed, with granite counter tops and marble floors in the bathroom with a HUGE shower and a nice deep bath tub that Yes, I enjoyed all to myself! The crazy thing is you can go down to the "gift shop" and buy the bed, bedding and the mattress.

I SO wish this was my counter top in my bathroom. So pretty. The brown granite was to die for..well not really but, you know what I mean! lol

After we checked out the room and hung out for a little we headed down to the spa for a couple's massage. The most wonderful spa experience I've ever had. It makes me want to take my resume in and go back to work. Ah, so nice when I worked at the spa. The best job I've ever had. No drama, so relaxing all the time, and I just had a blast helping people relax and pamper themselves. Hmmm? who knows. Maybe one day...anywho, had a fabulous massage and then relaxed next to a fire place together with some cider until we finally peeled ourselfs off the couch and got dressed. I think we were ready for lunch so that's how we got away from the spa. If not we seriously would have spent all day there...

So we headed off to PF Changs down the road for lunch (so delicious!) and did some shopping. I got these amazing silicone cup cake forms. I can not wait to try them. (I have to let you all know how it goes!) And these awesome laydle holders. I hate when you get food all over the counters and then it dries and you have to soak it with cleaner before it comes off. It makes me want to make dinner right know so I can try them out! hehe JK I started to not feel really good so we went and took a load off for a few hours before dinner and enjoyed relaxing in our room. When all of the sudden I realized I didn't know where Tim was. Then all of the sudden a knock came from the door and it was Tim with a dozen Roses and the most delicious Godiva chocolates.

I forgot to take pictures of them in the hotel so I snapped a quick pic here at the apartment...
So Pretty! I love the purple mixed in with the roses.

SO, after our very filling lunch and choclates we had reservations at the Clinkerdagger restraunt right next to the river. I have no idea how I ate so much food! It kinda was an overload but at least it was good right? hehe ;-) Tim ate all of his 20 OUNCE stake! LOL

I didn't think he was going to be able to do it after all the food we'd eaten all day but he did. Darn, lost the bet! :( We had such a great view too.

So far I love everything about Spokane! There is so much to do here. We've done so much already and it seems like everyone I talk to they end up telling me of something I haven't heard of yet. :-) Such a happy camper!

We ended dinner with a complitmentry dessert. Whew, SO MUCH FOOD! LOL And headed to the IMAX theater and saw Iron Man 2. Wow, a movie right! That's been a while. And even though it was just Iron man it was really nice to see a movie. Hopefully, I'll get to sneek away and see Twilight saga:Eclipse! Anyone want to come?

Happy Anniversary babe! I love you!

Thanks Melissa for watching Allie for us! We really appreciate it. You're an amazing woman! Love ya! :-)

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