Friday, September 3, 2010

Flower Pillow

The cuteness continues as I finish up Allie's Room. (So close!) I'm so excited for the "big" reveal! hehe Anywho, I think I'm beginning to get a little addicted to making pillows. This is the second one in just a couple of weeks and I have more plans for more! Yikes! lol
So, I had started making this pillow a few days ago and finally finished last night.

I had come across the idea at Cluck Cluck Sew . I love love love her ideas. She's one talented woman! ;-)

Here's my take on her flower pillow.

Very simple to do. You're supposed to use felt as the flower petals but I had so much fleece left over from Allie's blanket I had made a couple of weeks ago I thought I would give it a try. And wha'do ya know? It worked! And it's nice and soft. I used probably 1/3 of a yard of the fleece, a fat quarter I had left over (the green fabric) and a half a yard of some pink fabric as the back of the pillow. The flower turned out bigger than I had wanted but it's still very cute! And I made it! (smile)

Here are some images of the "making of" the pillow...

(cutting out the fleece circles)

(Getting them all together to pin on)

(Pin on, over and over

(Sew away)

And after many layers of petals...this is what you get!


Very cute and nice and easy! ;-) Now off to clean up. (The worst part about a project! ;-)

Happy Friday!


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