Saturday, September 11, 2010

Re-Opening Of Spoiled Rotten Designs!

I am so excited to get things going again with my Etsy shop! It's been a long time since I've wanted to sell something, and I couldn't be happier with my decision! Having an Etsy shop is a lot of work. Some don't realize how much time on the computer it takes to list an item and then promote it and keep it lookin' good for your viewers! ;-) Selling your work is a huge complement to me. I love putting effort into something and then letting someone take it and love it too. But, I feel like it's an even bigger compliment that someone would want to buy my patterns. I've had lots of suggestions and questions about when I'm going to sell the pattern to my bags. So with lots of contemplation I decided to go for it! I'm so excited to share this pattern with everyone so you can feel the satisfaction of making something and giving it away. This pattern is so simple!
A beginner could make it if they really wanted too!

Thank you to everyone who is so supportive of my work. It means a lot. :-)

The pattern should be available by the end of this week. (So exciting!!!) There will be two different patterns you can buy. A $4 pattern or a $5 dollar pattern. One will be the simpler bag of the two, and the other will have the accent fabric and ribbon you could add.
Just depends on your taste!

Hope you enjoy!?!!

Happy weekend!

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