Monday, January 17, 2011

Glitter Playdough

Whew. Look at me go! ;-) I'm a posting fool! haha Well, I have lots of posts to catch up on!

Stupid Neuralgia! :-(

I'm really not used to being sick...having to take medicine at certain times a day. Every day. Feeling tired...all of the time. Having family call and see how you're doing and then having to sorta fib to them and tell them you're fine. Mostly I am. It's just frustrating when you're sick every day. When you really don't want to be. So lying and telling them you're fine seems easier. It helps keep the frustration and constant reminder that you really aren't fine. And gives you hope that maybe if you tell yourself over and over again that you are fine, one day you really will be fine. Who knows? Maybe one day that will happen. But, for now I'll keep hoping! ;-) I have a new Endodontist who's really amazing and has lots of hope for me. I've been holding onto that for dear life. Everyday I remind myself I've got him on my side. Lot's of people on my side. Amazing friends and family.

ANYWHO, onto the fun stuff! I made Glitter Play a month ago. lol. For Allie's Birthday Party. Very cute. And very simple and cheap! Glitter play dough is a great gift (you can even attach cute cookie cutters to it for them) and little ones love it. Even though most moms cringe when they think of play dough. It's still fun every once and awhile.
So, I thought I'd share how it's done.

Here's what ya need:
4 Cups All Purpose Flour
2 Cups Non-Iodized Salt
4 Cups Water
8 Tsp Cream of Tartat
4 Tsp Cooking Oil
Food Coloring
Craft GlitterWhoops! Forgot to include the oil I used....
This recipe makes A TON of play dough...We still have lots left over...and it's still good! I can't believe it! ;-)
Next, you'll want to mix the food coloring into the water first. This helps you get the right color for your dough before you start cooking it. Stir that and then add everything else except the glitter.

Cook on med to low heat, continually stirring until done. Careful not to burn. You have to be patient as it's's pictures of the process as mine cooked:

It will be super hott when it's done. Dump on the counter and let sit for minute.
Next, take your glitter...

And knead as much glitter into it til' it's as sparkly as you desire! ;-)

It was hard to take a picture of how cute and sparkly it was. But it turned out SO adorable!

I ended up making Pink and Yellow for her party. And then wrapped them in sandwich bags with ribbon. I made cute little hair bows for the girls hair too...very cute, simple, cheap party favor! ;-)

What else can I add glitter too?


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