Monday, January 17, 2011

Guest Bathroom

So, they other day Tim was giving Allie a bath and I walk in to see what they're laughing about. He stands up, turns around and says:
"Ya-know what babe? We really need to spice up this bathroom!"

I think I went into shock at that point because I don't remember to much after that! haha
I'm mean seriously...this bathroom is in need of some serious help!...way to boring and WHITE for me! ;-)

We have added a cabinet over the toilet for medicines and Allie's hair junk but besides that, nothin'!

Tim never gets into decorating. (I don't blame him...) And I think he regrets those words coming out of his mouth because ever since then I've been taking him serious and getting going on it!
So, okay I'm in need of some help!!
I've decided I want to go with a blue wall color. But, I always second guess myself. I hate that about me. Always trying to pick the "prefect color" sucks! haha
I've tried really hard to take the pictures as best as I can so you can see the colors but they're a little bit different than on the walls than here in the pics...but, hopefully you'll be able to get the idea!?

So the color painted on the wall is Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore. My favorite paint ever! I really love this color. I bought the sample paint so I can see it and I still really like but, there are other colors that are appealing to me too.

From right to left the colors are:
1. True Blue
2. Blue Mound...very similar to the Buxton Blue
3. Serene Sky...a little lighter but, I think it's nice and fresh
4. Venice Beach...more of a teal color

Here's some more pics to help you see the colors...

Anywho, watcha think?


donnawagman said...

It is hard cause color can trick you. The good is if you really hate it. Paint over it. The serene sky has a little more of a "spa" feeling for me

Southern Belle said...

I like the one you have painted and then the very last one. The others are I guess. I know what you mean on the paint thing. I have decided I will never buy all my paint beforehand and then get home and realize I hate it. Hence our green family room. Oh I don't miss it at all.

Courtney Adkins said...

Oh, Joy you have me figured out 100%! I ended up doing that in our bathroom and now I HATE it! haha But, it will probably not be repainted until we sell this house. :( Or it starts to look pretty bad. So from now on. I've sworn to bring home as many swatches I can and then buy paint. :D

Regan said...

What do your accents look like? Shower curtain?

Courtney Adkins said...

Haha, I knew you were gonna ask he about the shower curtain! LOL I was like I can't fall in love yet with a color because I don't have a shower curtain yet like Regan said! hehe

But, I was thinking of doing this in some way:

And I have that bowl and pitcher set and I was gonna do white and a little bit of black maybe...I dunna know still thinking...

Southern Belle said...

i like the bottom picture the best for sure.