Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Harvest and Family Blocks

I think I've become obsessed with wood. LOL

I'm going to end up having Count Down blocks and Block sets for every holiday/occasion you can think of the rate I'm going!! ;-)

Well, while I was a "Deer Hunting Widow" this past week I teamed up with Regan. Who is one crafty lady! ;-) Thanks Regan! I had a blast and I can only speak for myself, but I am super excited about what we came up with this past week!

Take a look:
(Happy Harvest Block Set)
(Cute embellishments...)

("Happy" block...)

I LOVE how the wood turned out! All done with paint...

Now onto our "Family Block" set we came up with:

Sorry for the weird lighting. Put these in Allie's bathroom that is completely white everywhere...still! :( Hopefully, I'll come up with something soon for her. I'm getting tired of it being so boring in there!

(More cute embellishments...)

(love the paper flowers she taught me how to make!!)
One last time since I love this set so much! :-)

SOO much fun to make! Wish I had as much of the neat crafting supplies as Regan has! But, it's okay. I just have a great excuse to go spend some time with her! :D

What do you guys think??

Happy Monday


Southern Belle said...

Adorable! Look at you crafty girl.

The Clanton Gang said...

Cute, cute!!

Regan said...

I had alot of fun making these with you! Been working on some others...Im obsessed too!

Antoinette said...

OMG I love these! You are very talented