Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

A few days ago we went out to pick pumpkins out on Carver Farms and we had a blast! Especially Allie. She could not get over how many pumpkins there were. She would pick one up, carry it around with her for a good 10 minutes and then drop it and find another favorite.

I would look behind me every once and awhile and notice she would just walk like this with her hands in her pockets. I don't think she has her hands in her pockets in this picture but it was still way cute. Sometimes she would get to carried away if she didn't watch where she was going and trip over her toes. But, she was tough and would get right back up to carry more pumpkins!

She was dead serious about making sure she got the right one! :-)

She finally the one she liked the most and ended up carting it around the most (we ended up getting her a different one) but, she found another little pumpkin as well and would not go anywhere without both of them. Way cut. She kept dropping them and going "Uh!" Bend back over for the 4th time and pick them up again...

Tim and I did really good too! (BTW, it was Tim's idea to hold the pumpkin in the picture! haha)

We had quite the packed car on the ride home! Carver Farms has much more than just Pumpkins! So needless to say, we picked WAY more than we had originally thought! ;-)
Here's everything we picked after I got it home and cleaned it:

Carrots, Strawberries, Gourds (for decorations), Tiny Pumpkins, Zucchini (the biggest I've ever seen!), tomatoes, and the yummiest corn ever!

And here's everything we got for our front porch:

I had no idea that this is what Popcorn looked like:

Tim reached down at one point and picked this gourd up and said " Hey, this one's kinda cool!" I was like "Tim! It looks like a ghost! We have to get it!" LOL So I brought him home, cleaned him up, and drew eyes and a mouth on him...Anyone know if you can preserve gourds?? haha
The best part about how much fun we had and everything we got was the cost! We paid a grand total of $24 dollars for everything! Carver Farms is very friendly and welcoming. I can't wait for their Christmas sales! Now off to chop tons of Zucchini! lol


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Southern Belle said...

Your little front porch display is adorable!!! And I love the ghost squash:) So creative!! That is funny about Ali at the pumpkin patch, her face does look all intense and serious!