Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marker Anyone??

So the other day Allie came into the office while I was checking my e-mails and I noticed she had marker all over her. I don't really see the point in getting mad over it. I simply just repeat to her that we don't color on our self.

Until I left the office to make her lunch did I see the following:

Oh man was I heated. Our couches aren't the best anyways and I'm always feeling like I have to clean them. And just the other day she did this (not so extreme) in black pen. So to add blue marker onto the frustration of trying to keep a clean house just really didn't made my day! LOL Poor Allie. I think for the first time ever she knew Mom was mad.

But, I did succeed in cleaning them! Thanks to my two favorite cleaning products:
Shout and Woolite OXY Deep

Here's a picture before I cleaned the couch:And here is one after I cleaned the same spot:

Whew! Thank goodness it came out. So, all is good again in the Adkins house. And we once again have freshly shampooed couches! (for the 4th time in 3 1/2 months) lol

...Happy Fall...



Southern Belle said...

AH!!! That is just crazy. Wait until it is crayon that melts in the car. Yikes. Ali is so grown up. Where did the baby Ali go?

Molly said...

no fun. This is one of the reasons I like our "fake leather" couch. :) Good Job at getting it out and being able to laugh about it.

Southern Belle said...

Hah! I remember you saying how you didn't like those couches, so I thought, "Oh she told Ali to do this so they could get new couches!! haha" That is awesome that it came out- good work!

Southern Belle said...

Oh p.s. I love how you have that quote from the Proclamation to the world on the side of your blog- I may have to steal that idea:) Thanks!

Courtney Adkins said...

Yeah Joy, that sounds really messy! Not looking forward to that day. And I know it's coming...she loves crayons! :-/

Molly, Fake Leather is my dream! I keep telling Tim we need to get it so it's way easier to clean!!

haha Stacey, I wish I had her do it!! I want new couches SO bad!! But, until we get out of this "messy" phase there is no way Tim will let me get new furniture. Steal all ya want btw...I stole it from someone else!! hehe ;-)