Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blinc Mascara Review

Let's just say I'm not as thrilled with this product review like I was with the last one.
Even though this mascara is kinda neat.
Would I pay $24 for it?
Eh, no.

Blinc Mascara

The dark purple bottle is what it came packaged in...
And the second pic is what the mascara bottle looks like.

I did give it a try a couple of times just to be sure...
Here's me before with no mascara on.
(I was still not completely ready. Due to the wet hair. So excuse that hot

And here's me (with dry hair ;-) right before I put the mascara on.

Here's what the wand looks like...
It was really hard to put on with this little guy here.
After a couple of times playing around with it I finally got it down but still wasn't my favorite

And here's it right after I put it on.
I didn't like that after I put it on while it was still drying my lashes kept sticking together...
that was more annoying than anything...

BUT, once it dries it's like it doesn't move.
BUT, without feeling really heavy or flaky.
Which is always nice!

Now here's where the neat part comes in!
If you have problems with really bad flakiness, or smudges, you're a "crier" or don't like to feel like you're wearing a lot of make-up. This mascara could be for you! Like I said earlier, once it does is okay. Just not really that great going on and you really have to work with it.
Me on the other hand likes to have it go on fast (mom here, don't have time to sit for even 5 minutes playing with mascara every day! lol) , and I like my lashes to show off. So maybe that's why I'm not really feelin' it?

Okay, back to the neat part! ;-)
Taking off the mascara!
I know right? I'd figure putting it on would have been more exciting! :-/

So okay, this mascara is made from a co-polymer based formula to create little "tubes" around each one of your lashes. Had to look up what co-polymer was! haha And from what I got from it is that it's basically a water proof silly putty. Or you can think of it as a sealant of some kind. Basically it's water proof and yet, it's flexible.

So to take off the mascara you don't even need an oil based eye make-up remover. All you do is get the lashed wet...

And with your fingers gently pull the "tubes" of mascara off your actual lashes.
You kinda have to be careful here because did pull some actual lashes off at one point! lol
The pics below are not my lashes. They're the "tubes" that have slid off of them

Kinda crazy and neat huh?

I think this mascara would be awesome on something like a camping trip/ hike. Where you still have make-up on but it's not to heavy and won't sweat off everywhere...but still $24?

Anyways, that's what I think!
Please remember that these are just my opinions and mine alone...
even though I did have a friend try it as well, and she wasn't' a big fan either...

Hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of Fall! I know I sure am excited!! :-)


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