Sunday, September 4, 2011

Couponing Week: One

Okay so not any super fabulous deals for my Official first week of Couponing. I've made it a goal while Tim's gone to spend around $30(ish) a week to go towards our stock pile. So that when he get's home we will be nice and full and won't have to spend as much on groceries. ;-)

I did end up get some great things for my stock pile!

Dawn Pomegranate Hand Renewal
Retail: $5.00 I paid: $2

Old Spice Deoderant and Body Wash
Retail: $36.00 I paid $15.53

Rimmel Glam Eyes
Retail: $2.49 I paid: .49cents

Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil
Retail: $26.00 I paid $4.42

Simply Orange Orange Juice
Retail $2.60 I paid: FREE
(I do have about 6 more of these coupons so I will be getting those this week. They were just out when I was at Wal-Mart. Of course! haha)

Cascade Dishwasher tabs Trial Size (4 tabs)
Retail: $4.00 I paid: FREE

First Couponing week One total: $22.44

There's not to much this week because of the holidays. And the fact that there's no inserts. But, I am on the hunt for a fabulous deal on some pasta and condiments. :-)

Happy Coupons!


Emily S. said...

Very exciting! I'm starting to get close to the bottom of my stockpile. I'll be starting up some major couponing here soon. Kudos on the great deals!!

Joni said...

Great job, Courtney!! Looks like you were around half off on everything and even BETTER on some! THAT'S how you save money for your family! Good job!!

Joni said...

I re-read those numbers. You saved over 66% total! WAY better than half!