Sunday, September 11, 2011

Couponing Week Two

This week was really slow with coupons due to the Holiday...but, here's what I got!

2 bags of M&M's from Rite Aid
Retail- $7 I paid- $2 and earned a $1 towards any item on my next purchase

Vicks from Wal-Mart
Retail- $14 I paid- $3

12 boxes of Vicks Cough Drops from Wal-greens
Retail- $11.00 I paid- .73cents
(I paid .93cents in tax for these. Thought that was kinda funny that I paid more for these items in taxes than what they're worth!)
Oh, and I think we're officially stocked for cold season! ;-)

And of course the rest of my juices from Wal-Mart which were all free!
Retail- Around $7

Happy Couponing!

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