Monday, September 12, 2011

Yup, she's got Independence!

Well, Allie is full speed ahead on finding her Independence!

More like already found it.*tear

So I can no longer help her into the car.
Buckle her car seat for her.
Help take her potty. (unless, she's in a "mood")
Rarely can I help pick out her snacks.
I can't hold the book and bed time.
Getting dressed is like impossible.
I mean the list can just keep going with what I can and can't help her with now.

And it's been a hard adjustment.

For ME! :-( lol

One day I'm the one in "control". And then next it's out the window. And we're on a totally different schedule.
Well, anyways. I came across this very awesome idea on Pinterest a couple weeks ago. And I thought we'd give it a try and that it could help ease the stress a little.

I'm always feeling like I don't give Allie enough healthy snacks. Mainly laziness on my part. Getting the fruit or veggie out. Washing it. Finding something for it to go in. Cleaning up after the snack.
I know I sound lazy right now.
But, extra energy just doesn't exist right now.
So anyways. When I saw what another mom did. I couldn't help but try the last time I picked up some fresh foods.

It took me about 10 minutes to get it all cleaned. Cut. And packaged into baggies (Allie LOVES baggies) and wrote her name on the front. I made some different than others. So that they didn't look all the same and that she had even more of a variety.

In the first bags I put together I added Celery, baby carrots and tomatoes.
Then put together some grapes in others.

I L.O.V.E how organized it is! :-)

And how easy it is for Allie to see her name on a baggie with a nice fresh and healthy snack inside!
Love it!

And I have to say.
It's been a huge hit!
Allie is in heaven with it.
 Of course she can open the fridge now. :-/
So she can get them all on her own.
And put them back once she's done!

This trial period has also made me realize I might have an OCD problem? lol
I can't stand our fridge with all of the labels not showing to the front and the same with our pantry...oh I'm even crazier in the pantry! :-/
It drives me bonkers! I can't see what's all in there! And then I tend to re-buy something we've already got!
Stresses me out! haha (mostly kidding...)

Hopefully I'm not the only one? haha
If you're like me.
Let's get together!
I think I might need a sponsor or something so I'm not so insanely obsessive with our food! ;-)

Anyways, thanks for reading!
Happy Monday!


Southern Belle said...

Holy cow! Your fridge is so organized! I should try that snack thing because lately Cheyenne wont touch veggies! I try to sneak them in and she pulls it out of her mouth... it is so weird because she used to love veggies. Maybe if she can just get to it herself then she will eat it! Worth a try...

Courtney Adkins said...

That's how it was with Allie. She would eat them here and there but not like how she really should be! But now that she has a choice and get's to see what's available for her. She LOVES it! :-)