Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Serious Cuteness

So I have about a whole drawer full of scraps.
This is just a small portion...:-/

It's a horrible addiction when you sew.
You think. Oh, I'm sure I'll use this day. lol
And before you know it. You're full to the brim with scraps. ha

Well, the other day I finally found out how I can use all these scraps.
Member how I did that Fabric Tutorial here?

Well, I finally got around to another one called the Rosette Flower...SUPER easy.
And way cute!

K, here's what ya need...

*Glue Gun
*Scraps of fabric

You're going to get your strip ready.
Doesn't have to be a perfect one.

You're going to fold your strip in half.
I just use my finger nail to run it down edge so it stays a little bit better...

At one end of your strip you'll make a knot...

Take the extra fabric from your knot and fold it behind the knot so that the center of the knot is facing up.

This is where it can get tricky. But, it's still easy. :-)
See my pinky finger?
The edge of the fabric that's right next it to you're going to grab and twist around and up next to the flower...

Just keep tightly twisting the same way over and over again until you get the size of the flower you'd like.
I found it helpful with larger flowers to add a dot of hot glue every once-n-awhile to secure it better.

Once you've gotten the size of the flower you want, you'll snip off the remaining fabric and cut a circle from that fabric and glue it to the back of your Rosette so it helps hold it in place.

I decided to make headbands with the flowers I made.
I also used some Yo-Yo flowers and grabbed some cute embellishments.

And this is what I ended up with...

Adorable huh?
I even like wearing them! haha
And anyone can do this!!!
Took me like an hour to do all 3 of the headbands.
The first one is my favorite. :-)

Happy Friday!

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