Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Birchbox

So I haven't even finished my other reviews on the August Birchbox before I got my other one!

I wasn't even expecting it to come already! haha
So it brightened my day when i saw it in the mail yesterday! ;-)
Here's what I saw when I opened it!

And once everything was unwrapped from it's pretty packaging

Here are the products!

This little bottle literally smells like a spa in a jar.
It feels so soft and fresh.
On a stressful day this would be a great way to end it!

LIV GRN Parfum

Unfortunetly I do not like this perfume. :-(
Smells like cucumbers at first, then a little like old lady after it's been on for awhile...
nothing wrong with old ladies though! ;-)
It's just not me.
Twirl last month was way better! :-/

Jouer Lip Enhancer

I already have this in my inbox to buy!
It's that amazing!
See pics below for proof! ;-)

Incoco Nail Polish Applique

How fun!
These are usually right around $6-8 dollars alone at departments stores.
And my Birchbox was $10. Well, worth it! :-)
I can't wait to try them!

But, okay onto some fun with the lip enhancer.
I put this on after a long morning...of couponing. haha
And was so happy with the results!
It made my lips so cute and shiny and pink but without feeling like I had a ton of lip gloss on!
Here's some quick pics I took.
Love how it makes it look like i have a little bit of lip liner on...but it's just the gloss!

I can't wait to get it in the mail!
But, for now the little mini will have to get used to me carrying it around with me wherever I go! ;-)

We also recieved this cute little friendship bracelet from Birchbox celebrating a year!

Thanks for reading!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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