Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brighten her day...

So we've been totally trapped in the house this holiday weekend with Allie's cold.
Not fun at all.
And the grouchiness level was sometimes way over it's limit.;-)
Thank goodness I think the worst is over!  Still not great but, I think we're almost there! haha

I hate seeing my baby sick. :-(

So for dinner one night she was up for making pancakes with me so I threw in a little color to brighten her day!

Allie is in total LOVE with Rainbows right now. So I thought what a great way to bring a smile to her face?

Color the Pancakes! I've seen this done before (mostly with cakes) but never tried it.

It's so fun and cute.

Grabbed my food coloring set that I've had honestly, for like ever now. 

I whipped together a batch of just regular pancake mix and divided it into bowls.

Added the food color. 

Let Allie mix them up. She l.o.v.e.s to stir when we bake together.

And since her favorite shape is hearts.
I used my pancake heart shape molds I picked up from World Market...
Again, forever ago. lol

Spray them down completely with Pam...

Let the batter sit till you see bubbles...

Lift off slowly...


Almost DONE!

YAY! All done.
We made 4 colors.
Wanted to keep going but, I didn't see the need to have a bunch of different colored pancakes we weren't going to eat...
(Shhhh...we're horrible with left overs!)
(see the sickness dripping from her nose? haha YUCK!)

I let her do (almost) everything.

I think we ended up with some pretty cute pancakes for dinner!

I think she approves! ;-)

 Yay, for making toddlers happy!
(which can sometimes be hard. way hard! haha)

Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!


Molly said...

so cute! We often make pink pancakes in our house. Also, I always make extra and freeze them - then they are quick and easy to pop in the toaster for breakfast before school!!

Courtney Adkins said...

OH okay I was going to ask...do they freeze well in just a freezer ziplock? And then you toast them just fine?