Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Allie's Flower Wall

I've wanted to share this for awhile now...
But for some reason I just couldn't get very good pictures of Allie's Flower Wall above her bed. My camera is far from anything "special" lol And as I was laying on her floor with her, being total goofs together. I actually got some really cute ones! Since the majority of the pictures I've taken before just look super cheesy. I was so happy! It's been almost a year since her room has been done. And this is SOOO easy putting it together! :-)
 To do this all you need is some 50% off flowers from Hobby Lobby! ;-)...
 Pull the stem out of the bottom of the flower...
 Take some hot glue and stick a tack onto the back of it...Oh, how I heart my glue gun...
(this pic doesn't show it but it's best to buy the tacks without the plastic on them!)
 And Wa-lahhh!
You'll have a ton of flowers looking like this and then you just stick them to the wall however your heart desires! Pretty Simple and a quick way to add some seriously Girlishness to a room!

Oh happiness! ;-)

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