Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yup, It's Love...

You know you really do love something when you want to come home and share it with everyone! ;-)

Well, I randomly came across this blog one day called: Paint in my hair. Fell in love with the pieces they re-finished. And knew I had to have one! haha I couldn't take it anymore! Once I saw their latest re-finish post on this coffee table. I had to get in there and get my hands on this piece! I've been searching for the "right" coffee table to help offset our new sectional. I knew it needed to be light since the leather is so dark. And let me tell you. It's so pretty sitting in my living room right now. I think I could just stare at it all day! haha
Okay, okay. I'll stop talking now. And let you look at it's prettiness. 

Ohhh those original handles get me every time! ;-)
 And the detail on the legs...
 She's a little tall but I think I'm going to shave a few inches off the bottom. 
(underneath the lines of course! ;-)
 UH, I wish I had a better camera so this picture would come out better! 
But, I'm so glad someone else's trash is now my treasure!
 I stole the BEFORE picture off of the Paint in your hair blog.
But, I just had to show off the fabulous job they did!
 Head on over to their blog and check out all of the pieces they have for sale! 
They also take custom orders! 
And give classes to share with you how to re-finish your own furniture!

Happy Wednesday!

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