Monday, August 15, 2011


Proof that Scentsy really is Amazing! haha
The other night I was cleaning up from a dinner with a friend. Went and wiped the counter down 
(a little to quickly) caught the bottom of the cord and Whoops!
 Everything came toppling down. Onto, not only my counters, down the inside of the warmer,
but on me as well...
 The awesome-ness of Scentsy is that if you just leave it sit for a sec to dry it literally just peels right up! Everything cleaned up perfectly and is back to normal again...:-) And I just dumped the wax back into the warmer again and it re-melted into their yummy Sunkissed Citrus scent! (Fabulous for summer btw!)
 And it doesn't burn your skin! We've spilled a lot of wax before. From my husband playing ball in the house... ;-) To just normal everyday. Like Wiping the counters down. haha
We've never had a bad day with Scentsy! lol
This is a bad pic of my hand but, see! No burns! :-)
 If you'd like to order yourself some yummy scentsy. My friend Megan is currently having a 10% off sale! 
Contact her here:

Have a great day!

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