Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Lost Energy Month and Befine Exfoliating Cleanser Review

Needless to say, my week has been extremely crazy/emotional!
I've been so busy. I've hardly had anytime to sit down and blog! lol 
We're in the 3rd month of Tim's deployment. 
The month I loathe. 
Wish never came. 
Count the days till it's over month. 

It's the month when you have no more energy. Everything's bothers you. Your patience has flown out the window 50 miles ago. And nothing makes it better until it's over. I knew this month would come. But, it's hit me like a ton of bricks. It's just something you go through with a deployment. "The Lost Energy Month". No one gets it unless you've gone through it. 

Emotion drained.
Physically drained.
Over it drained.

Especially since this deployment is way harder than the last one. The last time Tim was gone for a year, but Allie and I lived with my mom and dad. So someone was always there to help. This time. Not so much. Plus, the guilt of asking someone to help when you're a stay at home mom sucks. So, you just deal till the hubby comes home. 
Or you go insane. ;-) 
Insane over guilt? 
So of course the independent mom in me picks insane. lol 

But enough from the Debbie Downer Chronicles! 
I want to share about this amazing exfoliating cleanser I got as part of my BirchBox.  
(Of course, I should have been getting some much needed rest! But, stayed up to play around!)

 Befine Exfoliating Cleanser

So. At first glance I thought YUM! This is going to be yummy! 
Brown Sugar, Sweet Almonds and Oats! Oh my! :-)
Then I opened it. And smelt it. Let's say.
It doesn't smell so yummy! 
Far from it actually! More like all that combined. 
But, in a rotten kinda smell. lol 

Good review so far huh? lol

But, I still had to give it a try! I grabbed a wooden stick from my waxing junk...
(*Esthetic Advice- Never put your sweet little fingers inside a container to get some of your product! The moment you stick your hand in it. You've ruined it! Everything you might have on your hands is then left behind in your jar and sealed up nice and tight. And grows and grows until all that's basically going on your face is bacteria and a not so effective product! :-(

...pulled some out of it's package, snapped a quick pic. 
Then bravely lathered it on...;-)

And what did I find? Heaven in a little package? From this weird smelly goop? LOL Why yes. Yes I did!

This crazy amazing product not only exfoliates your skin without overdoing it. The sugar beads slowly melt into this creamy milk like cleanser, then when rinsed off sorta foams away.

Leaving the most amazing feeling skin!

Yup. Not a bit of make-up on!

It was a strange experience.
Being so put off, to instantly falling in love. 
And you know you're in love with it when you run out after scrapping the inside day after day and is sad to throw the package away.

I've been using it with another sample I got from the same product line. Review on that one later...But, so far I'm pretty impressed!

My pores are already mad at me that I haven't used it in a couple of nights. 
I'm pretty picky about what goes on my skin!
And this ones a for sure keeper! 


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