Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hop-Scotch Mat Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I came across this very cute idea over at A girl and a glue gun . And since Allie has begun to LOVE hopscotch. I thought we'd give it a try! ;-) And I have to say. It's pretty cute!
And Allie loves it. Of course. haha(Waiting patiently for it to be finished. lol)
In the original tutorial she only uses her glue gun to make the mat. But, I sewed mine a little. So for those of you who don't have a sewing machine or are intimidated by one. Swing by her place! She's got loads of ideas for sewing machine free! ;-)

Okay so to get started you'll need:
-a yard of canvas fabric
-10 multi-colored felt peices
-Hot Glue/Gun
-And a sewing machine

To Start off cut the yard of canvas in half and sew it down the middle. You could buy yourself 2 yards of fabric and then split the 2 yards and make two and gift one mat. But, I only need one so I just got myself a yard 40% off at Craft Warehouse. And in order for my squares to fit I had to cut it in half to make it longer.
(excuse the mess. haha)
I wanted to hem the edges. So I folded them under twice, ironed it down and pinned in place.At the top end of your mat add in the hem 4 pieces of ribbon. 2 in each end of the mat.
Once you have a completely hemmed around the whole mat. You'll cut your numbers out on your mat.
(I had started this project on vacation. So I don't have any pictures of this process. But, all you have to do it print off numbers 1-10 to fit your felt. Cut them out, trace, and then cut your felt. Real easy m-k?)
As you're gluing the felt to the mat. You just lift up from bottom, apply the glue and then gently lay it back down.
After I had finished gluing the numbers on. I cut and added different sized circles like the original mat too. I mean, it was just to cute not too! :-)
Adorable? Just a *little*!
(For those of you who have fabulous *eyes* please don't judge me and my carpet! lol It still needs to be cleaned this summer!)
Here's a peak at it all rolled up and "put away" (like it will stay that way! ;-)
Get Ready! Set...
Almost there!
(look at that tongue! hehe)
Well, I love this idea. Great to use in the nice cold house in the afternoon when it's to hot outside right now! That's for sure! haha
Glue your heart out ladies! ;-)

Much Love,


Molly said...

Love it!!!

Michelle Asworth said...

It turned out sooo cute! I love the ribbon idea! I'm deciding how I want to make mine, and I was wondering if you had problems with the mat slipping when your little one jumps on it?

M.Shett said...

can you post a link to the numbers that you printed out?