Thursday, August 18, 2011

Candle Stick Re-Do for under $10

 So, I came across these candle sticks a few months ago on a clearance end cap at Wal-Mart. They were
only $3.99! I couldn't believe it! haha I loved the shape of them. And the base of the sticks are really cute! But not so much on the wood. :-/  Not me at all.

 They've been sitting patiently on my counter waiting for me to fix them. 
So I finally got around to 3 months later! ;-) 
Member my handy dandy palm sander? He came in handy here! I gave a quick sand down on all 3 of the sticks. Cleaned the dust off, then used Rust-oleum's Textured white spray paint. (Which I'm beginning to fall in love with! ;-) Did 3 coats with a good 15 minutes in between. Took my palm sander again to the sticks after they were dry and roughed them up a bit...
 And *TA-DA*
Don't they look Fabulous? Eek! I was so excited they turned out so great.
 So much better now!
  Adn they're now back on their counter all nice and pretty. 
(sigh) ;-)

Here's the BEFORE:
And the AFTER:

This project took me an afternoon during nap time. The spray paint dry's super fast and is really easy to work with. My total cost is right around $10 for them. Like I had mentioned before, the candle sticks were $3.99, the paint was almost $5 and I already had the sander and sand paper. If you didn't have a sander this wouldn't hold you back from doing this by the way! You could just pick up a sanding block that runs about $3.50 and use that as well. The sander is just a lot faster and for when you're being lazy! me! hehe ;-)

Happy Thursday,


Kylean said...

These are so cute! I love the wood coming through the white! They look great!

abeachcottage said...

Lovely candlesticks, they look much better in that colour. Well done!

Courtney Adkins said...

Why thank you ladies! :-)

Kim from Maiden D'Shade said...

Nice redo! They look much better now!

Courtney Adkins said...

Thank you Kim!